Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Morning MUGShot Part Deux

Okay. Hmm. This is embarrassing. My communist is showing. hehe. No, no. Not really.  I may or may not have purchased this from the gift shop at any agency I may or may not have worked with in the past.


NO! I have never worked FOR the organization represented on this coffee mug. EVER. NO, I did not visit their gift shop. However, the people employed with this organization may or may not have been a part of my former the past...way back when.


And the successor organization may or may not be featured heavily in the J.J. McCall series, beginning with book 1--The Seven Year Itch.

If you like a good old fashioned spy story, you may or may not be interested in and enjoy this page-turning novel sometime in the near future.


The first reader to leave a comment with the three-letter acronyms representing the old and the new organization will receive a FREE ADVANCED COPY of The Seven Year Itch (as soon as they're ready).  (No time limit for responses. New blog. New author. I get it.)

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  1. I couldn't resist. Acronyms are KGB and FSB. A Russian comedian(name? Shmirnoff?) used to say KGB stands for "Kiss Goodbye your Butt". Offhand, not sure what FSB stands for; but I could Google it. Nah. Great site, though. You're spot on re the agencies and their responsibilites. I served as a S.A. w/109th MI Group in Baltimore from 1969. One day, for about 10 mins., 4 of us from the F.O. served as "bodyguards" for Pres. Nixon. Which is why I laughed out loud at the issue of carrying firearms. For this special event, each of us was issued a snub-nose .38 revolver in a holster to wear on our belt. When I sheepishly asked "where's the ammo?", I was told in no uncertain terms to "shut up and put it on your belt." We were four very nervous young men that day. Oh, the scenarios we imagined. Anyway, love your site. Bud Bradshaw, author "RIVERWALKER."

  2. Bud! You got the right answer. Well, half right. Actually the KGB was broken up into three organizations. The FSB became roughly analogous to the FBI. FAPSI became their NSA. And the SVR became their CIA--my characters come from the SVR, the ones who target Americans in the U.S. You win though. Send me your email address at SDAWNSKYE (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll ship your advanced copy as soon as they become available.


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