Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Afternoon MUGshot

You didn't think I'd run out, did you? Noooooo. I've got a million of them. Okay, not a million but several. This is one of my more fancy mugs if I do say so myself. I bought this during one of my many stints at Langley, mostly on joint investigation type stuff. No really. The Bureau and Agency always work together...even if they don't always play nicely--a prominent theme in my series. :) But t least I explain why there's so much tension. Same goals. Opposing routes to reach the goals. Thought this particular mug was totally cool because as far as the organizations no one ever speaks of, the NRO is tops on the list. It's like the organization that shall not be named...apart from No Such Agency. And thanks to this post, I've just thought of a totally brilliant way to introduce the agency into one of the books in my series. Probably somewhere around book 4. Stay tuned. J.J. McCall and The Seven Year Itch is coming...Book One is done and under review.

Monday Morning MUGshots will return on Monday. :)

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