Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Morning MUGshot #4

C'mon,  you didn't think I was out of mugs yet, did ya? Of course, this requires no explanation. It's my favorite mug from my favorite agency--The FB-ONE. I spent 12 years there in the Hoover Building working on cases and doing things I never IMAGINED I'd do. And I entered the Counterintelligence business just around the break up of the Soviet Union. I remember my colleagues spinning around asking the question, "Does this mean the end of the KGB?"  Then we got our answer over the next decade--in the form of Aldrich Ames, Earl Pitts, Harold Nicholson, Robert Hanssen and some other cases a little lower on the radar.


You can only imagine what it must've been like during that time period. 

I'm amazed at the extent which people don't seem to believe spies operate in the U.S. anymore. Yes, the cold war is over. But what we must realize is that the more global our economies and societies become, and the more interdependent we become, the more you need to know in advance what other countries are doing and how their decisions will impact you. Couple that with shrinking budgets and the increasing need to do more with less and you have a hotbed of intelligence operations and collections in the United States and around the world. Intelligence has been and will always be a force multiplier and I don't expect to see less spying over the coming years, rather I'd expect agencies to be beefing up their stations/residencies. This includes those operating in the United States. Including Russia.

Don't sleep.

The FBI has a big job on its hands and does so much more than the ordinary citizen will ever see. A lot goes on in the shadows, but that's where they do the most to keep us safe.

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