Saturday, April 27, 2013

Best Writing Advice #6--Our of Order, Perfect Order

This is one of those pieces of advice that I preach but have to remind myself to follow. Right now, I'm working on Book 2 in my J.J. McCall Series. No kidding, every single day a new idea for a scene pops into my head, but they are scenes for the end of the book. I'm roughly in the middle. So, what happens is my ideas fill up my head while I hurry to catch up the story so I can write these GREAT scenes.

And then it inevitably occurs to me...why are you waiting? Why are you so focused on writing this book in order?

There is no rule that says you have to write a novel in any kind of order. You should write each scene as it comes to you. Keep in mind that scenes can be shifted around. If you're like me and use Scrivener, your novel is built in scenes and shifting a scene from one place to another requires little more than two mouse clicks.

So, go ahead and write OUT OF ORDER keeping in mind, that you can write nothing that can't be fixed later...and it all adds to the ultimate page/word count. Moreover, getting those great scenes out of your head will make more room for ideas in the scenes you've yet to write.

I started writing the book out of order and quickly got 5,000 words out of my head. I see smooth sailing from here!

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