Friday, May 31, 2013

Today in Skye's Spies: Convicted CIA Leak Speaks, FBI Spies on Whom?

Convicted CIA Leak Speaks

In today's Skye's Spies Daily Intelligence News...

Oh whoa is me! The Justice Department is Evil. The FBI is super evil. Obama is uber super duper evil...cried John Kiriakou in a letter from prison. He's the first CIA officer arrested and sentenced  for leaking classified information to the Press. He was a patriot performing an honorable service to the American know, except for divulging the name of a covert officer to the press and putting that officer's life at risk. But then he did speak out against waterboarding...before capitalizing on his years of government training and operational activity and further breaching the American trust to write a tell-all book to exploit his experience. After all, why not milk the American people for $26 bucks a pop so we could read the information  he was supposed to be telling us because we so deserved to know.   

Yeah, he's a noble one all right.

I've seen more honorability at a Vegas strip club.

The true identities of covert officers are classified TOP SECRET. The disclosure of such names could cause grave danger to the U.S. and its operations if divulged to the wrong people. And CIA employees at ALL levels agree--in writing no less--not to disclose this information. Period. Again, no murky legal lines. If you want to whistleblow, there are channels to do so that will retain your anonymity and keep the information tightly held. These channels don't land you book deals and face time on ABC News, which is why I suspect he didn't use them. So instead of accepting responsibility for his mistake, he claims the CIA is seeking revenge because he made them look bad in his book.

First, the CIA hardly need to worry about HIS book sullying their reputation. I mean, reading a history book could do that. I'm just saying. There isn't a single U.S. agency, including the FBI, that hasn't spent some time in the muck. But he completely dismisses the fact that he broke the law...and pled guilty to disclosing classified information. And accepted a sentence of 30 months in prison.

Now, he's written a letter from prison, at (VERY coincidentally) the most opportune time, with the Associated Press leak stink still topping the headlines. In the letter, he lauds his crafty networking skills and ability to keep from getting his ass beat to a pulp. And although his orginal quest to inform the American people about CIA wrongdoings was certainly an honorable one in no way intended to bring him notoriety and said book deal, there's no harm in exploiting the press just a little bit more to renew interest in his book (which I'll not mention the name of here) and kick up his sales a few notches.

I mean, a guy's gotta eat...when he gets out of jail in 27 months.

No harm, no foul. Right?


He says in his letter that he has a "visceral dislike of the FBI."

If I were a convicted classified information-leaking criminal, I wouldn't like the FBI much either.

FBI Spies on U.S. Citizens...Linked to Terror Suspects 

Uh oh.

Big brother is back in full least according to the potential.

An  ABC report indicates that authorities (that's code for the FBI) are monitoring U.S. citizens as a provision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, including emails, internet usage, phone calls, messages, etc. It's got some folks a little freaked out. From what I can tell, this isn't a new power, just an expanded one.

So this is what stoked the ire of one of America's finest.

A young man whom we'll call Jeb, an 18 year old, who frequently visits jihadist websites about terrorist attacks and said he wanted to blow up a nightclub, was arrested by the FBI while boarding a flight to Syria where he was supposed to train with al-Qa'ida fighters. Jeb's father has decried the FBI's activity claiming they've tromped all over American civil liberties.


You done laughing yet?

Post attack the typical parent statement to the Press is usually, "I don't understand what happened. He would never do such a thing. He was a good little boy."


I understand the fears but I also understand the law and why they exist. The FBI can't just willy nilly looking everybody's anything for any reason. Historically, for example, if the FBI was investigating an espionage case and, in the course of tracking and foreign intelligence officer, was led to an American involved in criminal activity or spying, then the FBI could include the American citizen as part of their investigation. It's not the fancy legal lingo but you get the point.

Well, it seems the FBI has expanded powers to monitor Americans potentially tied to terrorists and/or terrorism activity. Some people believe is a violation of Americans' constitutional rights. Here's my opinion, as an American citizen who could potentially be impacted by this law.

I'm not engaged in any illegal activity. I don't associate with extremist anybodies in any realm. The Muslims I know are peaceful and law-abiding. I report all my contacts with foreigners--unusual or otherwise--to the approriate authorities when required. As a law abiding citizen, I don't know what the FBI does, when they do it, and it's not keeping me up at nights. Let the FBI do what it must to keep this country safe. As long as they don't accidentally delete my daily horoscope with my lottery numbers, this warrants little more than a shrug in my world.

On the other hand...

If you're Jeb in the United States calling Abdul in Afghanistan or Yemen or discuss your "training" at "camp," then you might  have a problem.

If you regularly visit the al Qa'ida websites and view the training doctrine, or download the instructions to build a suicide vest--then you BETTER have a problem. Especially with all the taxes we pay. Somebody better be at your doorstep.

Truth is, they don't have the resources to find every instance or run down every lead...and that's what we should really be afraid of.

Where is the line between civil liberties versus national security and who draws it? I honestly don't know the correct answer to that question.

Who will we blame when sh!t goes BOOM!?

The FBI.

That's the truth.

And that's all I have to say about that.

What do you think?

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