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Don't Believe the Hype: American "Allies" Have and STILL Steal U.S. Secrets

Allies (Including French and Germans) Have Spied on the U.S. for Decades...and Still Do...

According to the latest Snowden "bombshell," the US spied on the EU and our allies are outraged at the NSA operations targeting them. Before Americans get all up in arms about the U.S. spying on its allies, I'd like to explain something that most citizens do not understand. Every country in the world has intelligence services. Every single one. Every country with  an intelligence and with which U.S. has diplomatic relations sends their spies to operate inside the United States. Those countries that don't have diplomatic ties with the United States sneak their spies in via non-official cover means. Might be businesses. Some use STUDENTS. Every means possible.

Yes, this includes are our allies.

Is there anyone naïve enough to believe that our allies send their spies to the United States NOT to collect against the Unites States--the #1 superpower? With the most advanced military in the world? And a technology base ripe for a stealin'?

Wake the heck up please!

If you see a country from the EU or anywhere else in the world angry at the United States for NSA programs, it's because they're angry that we're so much better at it. Every foreign intelligence agency wants to level the playing field by exposing U.S. operations and neutralizing them, while at the same time their programs targeting the United States remain as aggressive as ever. But as long as a playing field even exists, if you live in the U.S. and depend on the Government for your safety and wellbeing (and you do whether you like it or not), the United States must maintain its advantage. With the money we pay in taxes, we should demand it.

Not convinced yet. Well, I can't talk about all the cases that I know about because some are classified, and unlike Snowden, I HONOR my non-disclosure agreements. But know that LOADS of information exists on so many countries it would make your eyes bulge into your lap. It would tick you off and make your eyes roll at these silly tissy fits they're having.

The links below represent the miniscule amount of information available in open sources. 

German Intelligence Targets U.S. Government Employees, Networks

They are the loudest bellyachers in this new round of charges against NSA spying programs. Did you know that the Germans STILL until today, still spy on the United States in the U.S. and around the world? Don't be fooled by the outrage. They target and attempt to recruit cleared U.S. employees around the globe. They target U.S. military bases. And In fact, they are probably trying to target one right now. They also conduct Internet surveillance on everybody including the U.S. Why don't you hear about it more often? Because they are our "friends" we handle spying issues in back channels and we don't publicize it. That is, in fact, how we handle most of our intelligence-related sanctions with most agencies, under mutual agreement to keep it hush hush. It's only because Snowden revealed this information in the press that they can bark about this issue without the United States digging up their dirt. Trust me, there's enough dirt to plant a corn crop the size of Iowa.

French Intelligence Regularly Steals U.S. Technology Secrets--#1 in Economic Espionage

It is FRANCE, not the United States who leads the WORLD in Industrial Espionage. They don't just target U.S. networks--they target our technology. The good stuff--satellite technology, aerospace, high-tech systems. Yeah. And they've been doing it for EONs. I started my career in the early 1990s and I heard about it then. It's not new. And the programs extend into today. So if the French even crack their mouths open to lodge complaints against the United States, every American should roll their eyes and say in a Southern twang, "Child, please!"

Israelis Recruit Government Employees, Tap into Telecommunications

Just read this...but Google for many others. They are supposed our "ace dawgs" yet they have been spying on the United States for YEARS...including recruiting and paying government employees and tapping U.S. phone lines. This is not a new story. Why is it that when the news media reported this stuff, we weren't equally in an uproar. Why weren't Americans saying, "End ties with Israeli intelligence!"

Could Americans REALLY have a double-standard that actually benefits...EVERYBODY ELSE??? They can spy on us, but we can't spy on them?

The #1 Cyber Threat to U.S. Government, Civilian Networks

Just guess who is the #1 cyber threat to U.S. Government, civilian, and business networks?

I'll give you a minute. Just Google "China U.S. Cyber Attacks" and see how many times they have disabled our networks versus how many times we lodge attacks against their networks. They recently stole plans to a U.S. weapons system--do you know the potential harm that could cause to our armed forces fighting for our freedom??? And if the recent attempt on the Australian spy agency wasn't a clue that they are pretty aggressive and ruthless, it should be. They got the blueprints to the Australians new intelligence headquarters through their hacking operations...conducted by the Chinese versions of Edward Snowden.

In short...Don't Believe the Hype

There are too many instances to enumerate here. I'm sure the FBI puts out an unclassified version of their counterintelligence report. If so, read a copy. Guarantee you, you will be STUNNED at the degree to which foreign countries operate against U.S. interests, even our friends. The United States won't fire back on these accounts because we're apparently not mud-slinging. Eventually relationships will normalize and we don't want our relations with our allies to devolve to the point of no-return.

If you notice, Snowden had no interest in giving context to our operations and divulging information about the defensive measures we have to use to keep our allies' intelligence services from targeting the United States. No interest whatsoever. You know why? Because that kind of information doesn't get you a book deal. That doesn't get you in a movie. That doesn't get you a brand new Twitter account with 12,000 stupid followers. And it certainly doesn't get you a top six spot on every news broadcast or give you front page headlines to feed your narcissistic lust for attention.

So many Americans have been utterly DUPED. And when they finally figure it out, they're gonna be as angry as those of us who saw through this ruse from the beginning.

The only difference between every other country and the U.S. is the right traitor hasn't betrayed them yet. Ours has...

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