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Today in Skye's Spies: Convicted Spy Talks Snowden, Senate to Limit Contractor NSA Access

Convicted Spy Boyce Talks Snowden

Today in Skye's Spies, CNN interviewed convicted spy Christopher Boyce, the subject in the movie The Falcon and the Snowman (which I've seen several times), who was an NSA contractor convicted of providing classified information to the Soviets in the 1980s. He broke out of jail and went on the run for 19 months. While he was out, he robbed a couple of banks and looked over his shoulder every second until he got caught. In this interview, Boyce discusses his life on the run and what's in store for Snowden who as Boyce so eloquently put, is on the run from the best secret service in the world. A lot of countries might beg to differ but I'm going to go with it.

Here are a few quotes that I really found gripping...

"Ego played a great part in that -- having my own secrets, being in the know of something, getting (one) over on the bastards. It's an all-empowering feeling, in a somewhat demented way. But what you're really doing is just walking into a buzz-saw. It certainly was exciting. I'm sure Snowden feels a similar excitement. But that excitement, after a while, is not a good excitement -- it becomes terror."
I've been saying this all along, that he is narcissistic and living out some adolescent spy movie fantasy. He's out of touch with reality and for that I really do pity him. One day the magnitude will really hit him and he will regret addressing his beliefs and problems in this way.
"I think he's scared to death. I think that every single person he sees, he's wondering if that's the person that's coming for him. He's probably worried that there is a large group of people in Washington, D.C., trying to come up with some way of getting back at him, to get control of him, to lock him up for the rest of his life."
Heck yeah he's scared to death and he should be. But getting back at him? It's not about revenge. It's about prosecuting him because he BROKE THE LAW. He signed an agreement, he broke the law. He's going to jail for a good chunk of the rest of his life...when they catch him. And Americans are an impatiently patient people. Can we say Osama Bin Ladin? Eric Snowden will find NO REST, NO PEACE, until he gives himself up and returns to stand trial.
And the last one...
"I don't know if he has an arrangement with the Chinese government. If he doesn't, I would be worried that the Chinese may deport him to the United States to gain some concession in return. I'd be terrified of that, if I were him. Who would trust the Chinese government? He is utterly vulnerable and knows that there are a lot of people who really want to hurt him now. If I were him, I would at this point probably be having second thoughts. Asking myself "What did I do? What have I brought down upon my head? Did I really do this?"
If this idiot accepts asylum in China, he's the biggest fool on planet Earth...which is somewhat apparent from his actions already, but will be VERY apparent from that decision. The Chinese will milk him for everything  he's willing to give and he will be expendable. He's not Asian. They will have no loyalty to him whatsoever. He can't trust them. He will never be able to trust anyone again. He's living his hell right now.
He deserves it.
Anyway, Boyce has some pretty interesting revelations about his own treachery. Worth reading the article. 

Senate Seeks to Limit Contractor NSA Access

In other news, Senator Dianne Feinstein seeks to limit contractor access to NSA data. She reportedly made the promise after senators received a closed-door briefing about the NSA  program's usefulness.
In my humble opinion, this is nothing but a knee-jerk reaction that WILL NOT address the problem. Not at all. It's like putting a Band-Aid and Neosporin on a 10-inch machete wound in the back. The fact is MOST contractors were government employees at one time or another. That's how they got their initial clearances. As a contractor, you have to have the same exact background investigations, the same exact security screenings, and the same exact polygraph examinations. Look at Snowden. He was in the military and worked for CIA before becoming an NSA contractor. Becoming a contractor didn't cause the problem. He had some ideological beliefs, ego issues, narcissistic and schizophrenic tendencies if you ask me. All employees, contractor or government, would be vulnerable to these kinds of issues if not identified early on.  
No, the way to address the issue is to change the security screening process. Change the polygraph so that these kinds of issues are addressed in the questioning. If someone has an ideological issue with the way the government does business, then they shouldn't be working for the United States government. 
Find. Employment. Elsewhere.
Simple as that.
Change the screening process for ALL employees and you will get to the root of the problem rather than slap a Band-Aid on a flesh wound.
And that's all I have to say about that!
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