Friday, June 21, 2013

Today in Skye's Spies: Most Americans Want Snowden Jailed, FBI Drones Fly in CONUS

Most Americans Want Snowden Jailed

Hallelujah. There is intelligence on this planet (no pun intended)!

After bitterly preaching the traitorous nature of Eric Snowden's activities for the last week or so and praying for his immediate capture, a poll in a Business Insider article says that 54 percent of Americans feel the same. The number is higher among older Americans...and surprisingly Democrats. And I'm totally okay with that.

I don't want to keep giving a voice to his story, so I'm backing off of it (except for positive developments such as this one). But I will say one thing--this will blow over in time--a month, several months--the Press will find another story to latch on to and report to death. And because Americans are so inundated with the volume of press coverage, the story is already losing the wind in its sails. The beauty of living in America is that even when the story dies down--the hunt for Snowden will not. Ever. He won't get away with it. He will get caught. And hopefully he'll go to Supermax and keep the other traitors company. Perhaps he and Hanssen and snuggle up together and look back on the days when they screwed over their country.

Should make for an interesting discussion.

FBI Drones Fly in CONUS

According to a story in CNN, the FBI has been flying drones inside the United States in operations in which it wants to avoid risking the lives of agents or target bad guys more surreptitiously. They've used them a little more than a dozen times, including hostage and barricade situations such as the one in which the little boy was abducted and taken into the underground bunker.

Isn't the FBI just awful? Saving lives and keeping agents out of harms way in dangerous operations. Let's string 'em up. O_o

My first reaction to that was, AND?

If CNN wanted to get a bigger reaction they should've reported this BEFORE Snowden came out with the NSA information.

Now, the press is coming off like that pain-in-the-ass baby sister who caught you smoking behind the house and is now trying pile up the charges...only the successive charges have increasingly less impact. It's like "John smoked a cigarette behind the house! And took a cookie from the jar without asking...and didn't put his underwear in the hamper!"

If I remember my economics, it's similar to the law of diminishing return. At some point the news becomes so saturated with the same kinds of stories, over and over again, that they lose their impact.

Yeah...the FBI flies drones in certain cases inside the United States.

Don't like it? I don't begrudge your right to not wish to keep this country safe.

Get a passport.

Find an island.

Ciao, Bella!

And lastly...

Spy Thriller Author Vince Flynn Dies at 47

Prostate cancer. Can you believe it?

All the men who read this blog--the both of you--don't forget to go get your check ups. No one should die from prostate cancer so young in this day and age. It's preventable, it's treatable--if you catch it early!

RIP, Vince. Your genius will be missed!

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