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Today in Skye's Spies: NSA Leak Offered Asylum...Where?, New Zealand Innocent of NSA-Like Spying...Sort of

NSA Leak Offered Asylum...Where?

Today in Skye's Spies, a spokesperson for Vladimir Putin indicated that if the NSA leak Edward Snowden asked for asylym in Russia, the government would consider it.


If the U.S. didn't consider the cartoonish arrest of American Diplomat Eric Fogle as a harbinger of the deterioration of U.S.-Russian relations, then the SUGGESTION of harboring Snowden should be. The mere suggestion should signal the White House and policymakers that we need to re-draw our hardline stance with the "main adversary" because it is CLEAR beyond CLEAR that they never erased the one they drew during the Cold War.

We're still deep in the thick of it.

Except now perhaps we'll call it the Frostbite War. The gangrene from the excessive exposure to the Cold set in. Only Americans--including President Obama--had been so numb in our own wishful thinking that we couldn't even feel the decay. Now the stench is overpowering and we can more clearly see why the Russians had been turning up thier noses at us all along.  

What gets me is the absolute HYPOCRISY of the Russian government. Alexei Pushkov, the head of the State Duma's international affairs committee, said: "By promising asylum to Snowden, Moscow undertakes protection of those persecuted according to political motives. In the United States there will be hysteria. They only recognise their own right to do that."

Did he REALLY say..."Protection of those persecuted according to political motives?"

Ha! Tell that to Pussy Riot.

The Russian government is the LAST government in the WORLD who should judge any country of "persecuting according to political motives." If you look up the definition of the pot calling the kettle black, Pushkov's statement is the lone example provided right after the definition.

First of all, the Russians have been monitoring their citizens since Jesus was a carpenter. They weren't even secretive about it and the Russian people had NO VOICE. ZERO. Whatsoever. Moreover, if Snowden was Russian and an employee of FAPSI and he'd breached any Russian program in this manner...we'd be saying, "Poor Snowden, R.I.P." right after he dropped dead from the arsenic- or ricin-laced fishballs.

I sincerely hope they will think better of it. If they don't I hope Snowden does.

He claims he did nothing wrong. He claims he only wanted to inform the American people. He claims he didn't want to hide.

So now why is he on the run and hiding as if he did something wrong? Why would he run to a country he apparently thought operated under Chinese law?

Where I come from, if he runs like a traitor and cowers like a know the rest.

New Zealand Innocent of NSA-Like Spying...Sort of

In a story I found somewhat amusing, without even reading the story, was that New Zealand reportedly said it does not have its own clandestine monitoring program that surveils it's citizens. Really? I mean talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

They're right though...they don't.

Why spend New Zealand tax dollars to support its own program when they can leverage the collection from other countries, like the U.S. and U.K. New Zealand is a member of the "FIVE EYES" crew. No, it's not a gang. It's the group of countries that has some of the most prolific intelligence sharing agreements in the world and includes the US, UK, Canada, Australia...and wait for it...New Zealand.

As small as the country is, I wouldn't pay for my own program if I had access to that kind of  FREE intel either. They only have to pay people to analyze it. Twenty-plus years in intelligence, I never heard ANYONE say, "Oh no! New Zealand won't accept this SIGINT reporting."


*shakes head*

Why our allies...and indeed even our own U.S. Congress and Senate are all trying to feign stupidity on these programs NOW is beyond me.

What I said about Snowden applies to the Government too. Heroes don't hide. The program saved lives and helped us stop our enemies from doing the country even more harm than the few attacks that have been successful. Get some freaking backbone and refocus the attention on the people who deserve it--terrorists, spies, and criminals.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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