Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Son of a Itch (A J.J. McCall Novel) -- On SALE for #99cents in #Kindle Countdown Deal!

For the next week, you can catch Book 2 of my spy thriller series -- Son of a Itch (A J.J. McCall Novel) -- on sale in a Kindle Countdown Deal!

It's 99cents for the next 2 days until the price goes up to the next level! So take advantage of the discount while you can! :)

A New Threat From an Old Foe...
On the lam from the FBI, the ICE PHANTOM continues with plans to defect to Moscow but not before seeking revenge on J.J. McCall. Meanwhile, the FBI commences Task Force PHANTOM HUNTER, a team ordered by Director Russell Freeman to track down suspected Russian illegals within the U.S. Intelligence Community—and not a moment too soon. An agent of the Russian Intelligence Services is targeting the nerve center of U.S. national security, taking the lie-detecting FBI Agent and her cohorts’ next mole hunt to the highest echelons of the U.S. government.

J.J. and her co-case agent lead the motley crew of spy catchers while she struggles to deal with sobriety, conflicting feelings for Tony and Six, and an egotistical Secret Service agent whose jurisdictional stonewalling complicates her every effort to identify the culprit before he gets away—with murder.

If you enjoy this book, you will love Book 1--The Seven Year Itch (A J.J. McCall Novel).

In the Game of Espionage, Spy Takes Traitor.
J.J. McCall Takes Over.
Can You Identify the Mole?

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