Monday, June 22, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blog-athon -- Day 8 -- The 9-to-5 Blues

Welp, today is going to be a short one.


Because I am blessed and cursed with a day job. I'm on a proposal deadline and my input is due by tomorrow, which I just found out about an hour ago.

But this brings me to today's point.

Oh, how I wish I had the means (and/or the sales) to quit my day job, stay home and write and blog all day, and still live my life at the standard to which I've gotten myself accustomed. I bet I'm the only working writer with this dream...NOT.

Am I the only one who turns evergreen with envy every time I hear about an author writing full time? I can't imagine how glorious that would be. I mean, sure there would be a lot of pressure to produce BUT to be able to write all day every day, whenever I want.

To not have to drive in this constipated rush hour traffic...

To not have anyone dictate the activities of my day except me...

To have the time to write the 5 works in progress I don't have the time to finish...and the new great idea that hits me every day that I may not get to write in this lifetime unless I can clone myself.

While I say this, I should note that I'm highly thankful for the 9-to-5 I wish I could quit. My son has become quite accustomed to eating. And the joy we get from the whole roof-over-head thing  can never be over estimated.

But still...
Dare to dream.

Back to the the 9 to 5. I'll be back with something more meaty to discuss tomorrow...after my deadline.

But I will leave you with this parting thought...

Feed a a book.

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