Wednesday, July 1, 2015

S.D. Skye Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blog-athon Day 17 -- What's New Wednesday -- Livescribe

As I may have said before, I am truly a gadget queen. I will buy just about anything that I feel will make my writing life easier and more enjoyable since I'm not one of the lucky ones who gets to do it for a living all day, every day.

One thing I LOVE to do when I'm writing ideas and get a little stuck is to write long hand. When the typing is working, writing long hand usually helps the words flow. I've written entire books in longhand. About half of a No Good Itch was written in longhand. But one of the thing I HATE to do is transcribe note. Hate it. I want it to be done already. So, when I saw an ad for this little gadget I couldn't help but buy it.

It's called LIVESCRIBE. It's a pen and notebook...a magic pen and magic notebook that transcribes your handwritten text into typewritten bliss. I'm not going to tell you the price until the end so you won't think I'm crazier than I really am. this is what it looks like on the right.

Sleek and sexy right? 

Open Sesame!
This magic notebook records written text and magically sends the text to an APP where it makes an exact copy which you can see on an iPad or iPhone. In the lower left hand corner you will see "record, pause and stop" function that are activated by the magic pen.

This is the magic pen. You download an APP called LIVESCRIBE on your iPad or iPhone and then activate the pen. When you see that pretty blue light blinking it means it's ready to record everything you write.

In this picture you see my iPad and my notebook. I tapped the record button on my notebook and started writing. The words magically appeared on my LiveScribe APP in my iPad.  I wrote in (in poor know, just to show you how well it works because my REAL handwriting ROCKS!)
 It says, "S.D. Skye has the best blog in the world." (top and bottom...that part's true...)

But here's where the magic happens.


If you look at the print on the transcribed my handwritten notes into typewritten notes with one swipe of my finger. No long days typing. Just a swipe.

And yes...there was one typo...but I'd rather fix a few typos than have to sit all day and type this crap letter for letter.

When you're done writing, you just email the file to yourself. It arrives as a PDF which you can then just save as a word document.

And voila.

You get to spend the rest of your day drinking wine. Or whining...after all you're a writer.

How much does it cost, you ask? I actually think I caught this on sale for $150 but it's $199.00 retail. But they have sales all the time. Just search it in Amazon and it will show up in your Facebook timeline fifty times a day with all kinds of sale offers.

Best thing? For lovers of Moleskine notebooks, they come in Moleskine now, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Bad news? I don't know if it comes in an Android app. You will have to check that out for yourself.

So what do you think? Raise your hand if you're going to rush over to Amazon and buy right now?

Yeah, I thought so.

If you liked'll LOVE my next gadget. Come back next Wednesday for more. 

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