Saturday, July 11, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blog-athon Day 27 -- Hot Links Saturday

Top 5 Publishing Links for the Week

Authors Denied Class Action Suit against Author Solutions

Ever since I started self-publishing with my first book and really learned the business of self publishing, I have warned authors against using any of those self publishing services like Author Solutions, Xlibris, etc. Unfortunately too many authors don't do their research about these "Publishing Services" companies. They are not publishers. They are publishing services companies. They prey on authors who don't do their research and advertise in a way that makes them believe they will HELP market their books, when everything they do in terms of their business runs contrary to that notion. 

Stay away from the Publishing Services companies. 

There other more cost effective ways to publish your book ON YOUR OWN, without the excessive costs, and in a way that will get your books in bookstores. 

A Year of Publishing Parity 

I thought this article was interesting. On June 19th I wrote a blog about Publishing and the Diversity Gap after seeing an article about a publisher who decided to publish only women for the year. Well, another writer picked up on the same story...and also had an idea about. 

Unpaid Publishing Internships to Increase Diversity In Publishing

And since we're on the diversity issue, there's an interesting article from the UK about eliminating unpaid internships to increase diversity -- because, let's face it, who can afford to work without pay except the affluent, who usually (although not always) happen to be white. I don't think that's going to shock anyone into a heart attack. But the premise that if those positions were paid, more diverse candidates would be able to accept them, thus increasing diversity is an interesting but weak one, in my opinion.

I believe that money talks. And when the book buying public wants diversity, and backs that notion with their dollars, then we will see more diverse interns, editors, literary agents, etc. With that said, I do like the idea. It would be a start.

Brutal Economics in Publishing

Ha! Tell me something I didn't know!

This is a great article about a first-time author who learned about the "economics" of publishing the hard way. It's so critical to understand not only the business of traditional and self publishing but the MATH!! And don't learn that bestseller math...learn that MID-LIST math. I didn't understand it before I went with what was at the time a Big 6 publisher--I know ALL the math now.

Unhappy Birthday to Amazon

And to wrap up this week's hot list, yet another article about why everyone should hate Amazon. How do I feel about Amazon? Well, I certainly don't think they are the pit of hell like so many in the industry do. And I happen to think they are offering so many authors an opportunity that they would absolutely NOT have otherwise. 

If the Big 5 still monopolized publishing in the U.S., how many women or minority writers or LGBT authors do you think would have the opportunity to find their audiences??? Like it or not, Amazon has helped diversify publishing in a way that traditional publishers never would've. Ever. If not forced to compete. In that respect, I say Happy Birthday to Amazon. 

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