Sunday, July 12, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blog-athon Day 28 - It Begins (Book 4)


To meet my December deadline for J.J. McCall Book 4, the writing must yesterday. So, it did.

I spent yesterday setting up The Crazy Itch in Scrivener, my favorite writing tool. I'd already started my outline but the exercise of getting it into the program allowed me to look over my notes and get into the mindset of the J.J. books.

I figured I take you through parts of my Scrivener journey.

Day 1& 2 -- Storyboarding and the Writing Commences

For me storyboarding is like outlining. I jot down notes about each chapter. Not extensively detail, rather general ideas about what needs to be accomplished in each chapter and what needs to happen to drive the action into the next chapter.

The color-coding is POV.  In this one -- J.J. is yellow. This gives me a visual picture of what storylines I need to cover. It also gives me an idea of pacing.

That little pop-up gray box in the middle of it all, that's the tracker for my project statistics. Can't begin a project without setting up that piece. It allows me to set my 80,000 word count, add in a deadline date, and then it calculates for me the number of words I need to write each day in order to meet my deadline.

Along the left, is my visual outline for all my chapters and scenes. Along the right is a place for project notes -- or what I call my big bright ideas. When I get ideas that haven't been captured in the outline that change the course of the plot or any significant twists, I write them there. Project notes are visible throughout the entire document (as opposed to one chapter), so they are easily accessible.

And that's the beginning of my Scrivener journey for The Crazy Itch. We'll see where I land next week.

On to the first 1700.

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