Monday, July 13, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blog-athon Day 29 -- Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – An Indie Author’s Story

So, get this. 

There’s this writer—the CEO of a small software development company. Although she graduated with a degree in English, she chose a different route when selecting her career. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about how people go about finding their passion. Some people don’t take the direct route – some people actually find success in other fields even though that’s not their passion. 

And so it was with today’s author. 

She was a techie by day and a romance/erotica writer by night. Decided to write the kinds of stories she wanted to read about – strong female protagonist in the tech industry. 

When it came time to publish her first book, two years ago, she decided to go the self-publishing route. Never considered the traditional route. 

I’m mean, please. She’s a C-E-O.  She had no fear of business and being her own boss.
She published the first book in her series about, what else? A hero and heroine in the tech industry, she the owner of a start-up and he, a billionaire hacker (sound vaguely familiar?). She rode that E.L. James wave all the way to the top (good for her!). 

The 4th book in the series debuted on the New York Times Bestseller list. 

And with 1.2 million in ebook sales and $200K in paperback, the traditional publishers came ‘a callin’. Grand Central Publishing, as a matter of fact. 

Her name is Meredith Wild. And her signing bonus? $7 million dollars
Takeaways from her story…

  • Sometimes it’s okay to take the scenic route to your passion. Her story is a lot like mine…minus the millions in sales and the $7 million dollar book deal, in that we were both successful at our careers until we bit the bullet and followed our writing passion. Would she be as successful without her CEO experience? Who knows? But it sure didn’t hurt.
  • Write the book you want to read.   She wrote a strong female protagonist in the tech industry. I wrote a strong female protagonist in counterintelligence. We both wrote the books that we wanted to read.  
  • You can’t always catch the wave of a trend, but BOY is it GREAT when you do. She published her novels on the heels of E.L. James, and it worked for her. But that’s a lot of talent with some luck and great timing.
  • Most writers will NEVER see a signing bonus of any value. Ninety-percent of the lucky ones who break through the traditional barrier will never see signing bonus that HUGE, especially not that early in our careers. The odds are against a writing career. Period. But you increase the odds in your favor if you sit down, butt in chair, fingers to keyboard, and write what you love!
So what are you waiting for???

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