Tuesday, July 14, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blog-athon Day 30 -- Ad Talk Tuesday -- BookBuzzr

It's Tuesday again. Time for book marketing talk.

One of the tools I've used pretty extensively since I started my writing career is BookBuzzr.

What is BookBuzzr?

Well, it's a multi-purpose marketing tool. It provides a means to provide previews of your book in a neat format. It allows you to provide your reviews, book blurbs, book reviews, interviews and web links all in one place.

You can add bookbuzzr to any website that allows HTML. It provides the code for you. The best part about the tool is -- IT'S FREE.

Yep. You heard that right. Here's a sample with my most recent title.

Now if you look the left, that ICON menu provides access to the added features. Book reviews, buy links, book trailer, etc. You can click and look around there. I added some information, though not all.

What are the ways you can use this?

They provide HTML so you can add this to most any blog or website, including WordPress. I have another WordPress site and it works well on mine.

ALSO...you can set up pre-scheduled automatic tweets that link directly to your Bookbuzzr so that people can read all the great info about your book and read a preview all in the same place. 

There are some expanded features you can get with a membership fee (about $15 per month -- which I have never paid for) you can use the Pro Plan which gives you advanced features like hosting book giveaways, enhanced Facebook features, and other stuff I've never really explored because you get so much with the free version.

One thing they no longer provide with the free version is the stats for the number of views. That kind of bites because it's nice to see if people are actually clicking. But it's not worth the extra money per month with all the other stuff that indie authors must pay for.

Not a bad marketing tool for free, right? 

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