Tuesday, July 21, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blog-athon Day 37 -- Ad Talk Tuesday

Ad Talk Tuesday -- Marketing Talk & SELF-e

Marketing Talk

Do you believe in signs? 

I do. 

Ever since I started this rebranding effort I feel like I've been little signs that I'm doing the right thing. First, I kicked out the money to my new cover designer...and I didn't feel any angst about spending the money. For me, that's nothing short of a miracle. LOL 

I'm SO SO SO excited. The designer I selected, whose name I will share when he WOWs me with his fantabulous designs, has really done some good work. Really good. And his edgy but clean designs fit well within the genre...but they also stand out. So, I couldn't be more hopeful that I'm going to get something I love. 

After I did that, this article arrives in my email via the SelfPublished newsletter. 

 I don't think signs get any better than that!  


For my marketing tip today, I ran across this information this week. 

So, you've probably heard of the Library Journal? They're a major book reviewer. Anywho, they have this FREE marketing program for your books. 

If you have a book for which the sales have really slowed to nothing, it's been out a long time and not many people buy it anymore, then you might want to consider it. 

I'm going to use this program with a couple of my books. 

The program is called SELF-e and what Library Journal does is connect libraries with local authors who provide ebooks free of charge. The ideas is to allow libraries to provide books to their patrons so they can check them on out on smart devices, mobile devices, etc. The best books will be promoted by the Library Journal which will increase exposure. But the most important thing is, you get people reading your books. And when people read your books and like them, they tell others about your books. More importantly, they go in search of your other books--and those they will probably have to pay for. 

For a book that is considered out-of-print by sales standards, it's probably a good idea. And what I do, even now, is I advertise my latest books in my oldest books and even may provide a free chapter. That when when they've turned the last page of the book, they will see the advertising and sneak peek for the new book...and the links to my social media. 

How about that?

You can also submit your work for Self-e associated book awards. And that will provide you with even greater exposure. 

And did I mention it's free? 

Again, not for your current releases but for anything that has slow sales, I would go for it. 

So you can click the link above to find out lots more info on the FAQ pages. 

And that's all I have for today. It's release day for my romance novel so I've got lots of people to thank and lots of wine to drink. Until tomorrow...

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