Monday, July 27, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blog-athon Day 43 -- Motivation Monday!

Motivation Monday – An Indie Author’s Story

So there’s this guy. He doesn’t grow up wanting to become an author, believe it or not. But he did love sci-fi. His background’s in business and he went down that road because he didn’t really have a clue about what he was called to do. He spends ten years of his starting and running Internet companies before he realizes this is NOT what he wants to spend the rest of his life doing.

Inside, there was a writer and a story burning to get out.

Remember my blog about finding your passion (everything goes back to that article). He said creating web apps brought him joy but sitting in business meetings didn't. He wanted to find something that would allow him to be creative and found writing. 

Some people have to take the circuitous route to finding out what they’re true calling is. And that’s what this writer did.

So, he retired from the Internet gigs (he called it that even though he's young) and decided to pursue his passion, writing his first sci-fi novel. He spent two years researching and writing the book. And decided to self-publish it via ebook on Kindle Direct Publishing. And his goal was just to write a story he loved. His gauge for success – writing another book that was better than the last.

Everything else is gravy…

Months and months go by. Hardly and sales. Hardly any reviews. He tried some different pricing strategies—but ended up sticking with the $2.99 price point. Part of the reason people didn’t read his book is because they couldn’t find it! His book was in the wrong category so he had to email Amazon to get the correct category added—techno-thriller (interesting point because most of us think we’re stuck with those categories listed, but you can request to get into other categories.)

Finally he got two “breakthroughs.”
One – His book got reviewed on eReader News Daily.
Two – He got a listed on Amazon’s Hot New Releases, which he says was a game-changer.
From that point forward, his sales spiked to 150,000 and he ended up selling 1,000,000 copies of his sci-fi thriller series. 

The series is called The Origin Mystery.

The first book was called The Atlantis Gene.

And the author’s name is A.G. Riddle (learn more here).

What’s even better?

 CBS Films picked up his Origin Mystery series.

His fourth book—Departure--got picked up by Harper-Collins in a 7-figure book deal and 20th Century Fox bought the film rights.  

Can we say--author-preneur??? 

What were my takeaways from his story?

  1. Write a story that you love—ESPECIALLY if it’s different. You absolutely cannot go wrong here. You will never regret writing what you love, even if you don’t reach the heights of success that you hope for. 
  2. If you truly love something (writing, your book idea), never give up on it. Try everything you can to make it successful. Go balls out! It may not work, but you won’t have any regrets
  3. Make sure you have the right cover design. If you look at his original versus cover designs – the latest ones definitely sing.
  4.  A lot of this writing business is just luck and timing. Publishing the right book and finding the right readers at the right time. Sometimes, in addition to great writing, you need the stars to align. They can only align if you stay in the game and keep writing.
All we can do are the things within our control – after you write a story that you LOVE, price it correctly, design the right covers, and make sure the right audience can find it! 

After that? Pray!

That’s all for Motivation Monday! 

See you tomorrow… 

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