Sunday, July 5, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365 Day Blog-athon Day 21 -- Anything Goes Sunday -- A Reading Day

After three days on a killer editing spree, I got my book submitted on time and am taking today to rejuvenate my brain before diving head-first into Book 4 of the J.J. McCall series. As much as I try to work on two projects at one time, I really can't. My brain just will not allow least not fully. It will allow me an idea or two but not any real deep dives into my  new project.

By the same token, when it comes to writing the day immediately following finishing another book, the brain says--that's a noper. I have to give myself some down least a day when I think about something completely different. Especially when the books are so vastly different. More than that, I have to reprogram my brain from "romantic comedy" to "suspense thriller." There's a reason many authors stick to one genre...this is probably one of them. Seriously. It's not easy. But I have to tell the stories that come to me. I  have to believe they wouldn't come to me if I wasn't meant to write them. So, we figure out a way. 

One way I clear my head is to do a lot of reading on my down day. Plus I have some 9-to-5 work to do today. 

This is what's on my reading list for today. 

Romance Writer's Report -- You've got to be a member of the Romance Writers of America to get that one. I highly recommend a membership to that organization, which reminds me I need to pay my dues this month. These have great articles on craft. This months favorites for me were the articles on surviving as an introvert at writing conferences--SO ME! And there was another one on exercising helping to energize your body and creativity. I find this to be true. Walks around my neighborhood really help clear my brain. Lots of other good stuff too. I think I will feature one of the authors on our motivation Monday, she has a great story.

Inside Story by Dara Marks -- I'm about 50% through this and it's one of my favorite books now on story/character arc. I will talk more about this on Craft Day.

Writer's Digest -- I HIGHLY recommend subscribing to this magazine and The Writer. They have excellent articles on the craft of writing and interviews with authors. This month's edition has an extensive HIGHLY RECOMMENDED section on revision. If you're in the middle of revising your work, this is really a must have. Pick it up if you can't describe. I think it's also available via ebook.

1-3-5 The Nine Essential Elements of Writing a Sellable Screenplay -- I find reading books on screenwriting actually help me with writing tighter, more page-turning novels. They are excellent sources of information on the craft of storytelling and writing appealing characters. This is a one-hour read but it's one you will refer to often in terms of story structure.

If anyone reading this blog is a thriller or suspense writer and would like to have your book featured on Fiction Friday, please email me and I'll get you the interview questions.

See you tomorrow!!

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