Monday, July 6, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blog-athon Day 22 -- Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday -- A Screenwriter's Story

So I was watching one of my favorite movies the other day, researched the screenwriter, and what I discovered inspired my first Motivational Monday blog. 

So, check this out. There's this guy. He comes from a family of firefighters and decides to become a journalist. Works at a couple of magazines, which he does pretty successfully for six years. But then, after having philosophical differences with his employer, he starts to rethink his choice. 

I wrote a blog about Finding Your Passion--and this writer certainly fits into one of the categories I was talking about. He's miserably successful, going through a process of elimination to find out what he didn't want to do, until he figured out what he wanted to do.  You can do your job well and still not want to be doing what you're doing for a living! The key is not to quit seeking that thing that you were called to do. 

And this writer did not. 

Instead -- he quits his job. And for the next 10 months teaches himself to write movies. 

NO expensive classes. NO seminars. NO film school. Teaches HIMSELF. 

He wrote this particular screenplay in 8 months. And sent it to an agent who'd consequently rejected another of his screenplays. This one got picked up by the agent and eventually SOLD to a studio. 

The screenplay went on to sell to Columbia Pictures. Star Will Smith. And gross $368 million. 

The movie was HITCH (2005). And the screenwriter is Kevin Bisch. 

The kicker? HITCH is his ONLY screenwriting credit. 

What did I take from his success story? 

1. You do what you've got to do, until you can do what you want to do.
2. One rejection doesn't mean not means not right now. 
3. If you've got the talent, work ethic, and determination,  you can teach yourself craft. 
4. It would be nice to succeed a lot. But to get your foot in the door, you only need to succeed ONCE. 

Now go write/do/make something!!

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