Tuesday, July 7, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blog-athon Day 23 -- Ad Talk Tuesday--The Scoop on MEDIUM

Can you believe it's been 23 days already. If someone told me I had the stick-to-it-tiveness to blog every day I would've told them they were crazy. Truth be told, I'm a dead woman walking. Been working a proposal for a few weeks and I'm pooped. But I'm kind of excited about today's blog.

Because I work such crazy hours, I really don't have a lot of time to research all the new internet book marketing methods and social networking venues out there. There's far to many for me to keep up with.So, writing this blog every Tuesday is not only giving YOU information, it's allowing me to take some time to get caught up.

One of the venues I've been quite curious about is -- MEDIUM.

Simon & Schuster, my former publisher, introduced me to it. They sent out this email and said you've got to get on this thing--basically. 

It wasn't easy or intuitive and I think it was so new at the time it felt too complicated to sign up, like you needed to hand over the eye of newt, the tears of 1,000 virgins, and your first born. But I think it's easier now.

What is MEDIUM

Well, it's basically a writing tool. A blog, if you will. But the cool thing is, you get to borrow your audience from the Medium platform. That means you don't really have to write every day. Or every week. Or every month. You can write as much or as little as you feel like it, when the mood hits. And you have a place to post your thoughts. And as opposed to a blog (like this one) where there's just one writer (most of the time), on Medium there's thousands of writers, each of which bring their own audiences. So, you get an even wider audience. And they fully encourage you to recycle your old blogs...which I fully plan to do with some of my relationship stuff under my other "secret" identity.

One you write and submit your MEDIUM, you request submission into a "Collection" (a larger "bucket" that places your article along other articles that match the content of your Medium article. For example, if you write a blog about breaking up with your boyfriend and then submit the article to the "Relationship" collection, you have a chance of getting even greater visibility.)

Much like Blogger, you can also add pictures, video, and other types of media to your files. But with blogger, to get viewers, you have to do what I'm doing which is blog every day and tweet and repost everywhere in God's creation. With Medium, your blog is placed on a site with over a half million users already looking for stuff to read. Medium uses fancy algorithms to match your content up with the right readers.

And they say you don't have to be famous to be popular...but I'll just say when I get my digest everyday, many of the names are familiar (although admittedly not all). So, there's room to make a name for yourself and get some notoriety if you have something interesting to share.

How do I sign up? 

When I first tried, it was in the Beta form and I didn't get it AT ALL. Now it takes about 20 seconds. You can sign in with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, and getting started is as simple as a click.

How can I use it for book marketing? 

I would not, repeat, WOULD NOT set up an account and spam your book cover and description. I don't think you will get much visibility that way.

Instead,  I would take the understated route, which is provide readers with some useful/interesting/entertaining information or stories and then plug yourself as an author writer with your links and crap (I mean books) at the END. That way, you're not constantly overwhelming people with your "brilliance" to the point that you're ultimately alienating potential new fans.

And if you're spamming your book ads, you will probably never get added to a collection. So, just don't.

But, to me, it looks like a great way to get your name out there. And I know ALL the major publishers are on it and looking...my old publisher included.

I found a great blog that has a lot more detail about Medium. Check it out here. 

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