Tuesday, August 11, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blog-athon Day 59 -- Ad Talk Tuesday

Ad Talk Tuesday 

Marketing Tips

Do you subscribe to the Self Published Author Newsletter? Well, if not, you really should. They had a great article today titled, "3 Steps to Market Your Book 10 Times Better than Before..." 

Now I'm not sure about the metrics on this (10x better), BUT I will say they do have one tip that I have long considered. And if I ever make the right connections to do it, I will DEFINITELY participate. That is -- joining with a coalition of authors. I mean many is definitely better than one in this arena. You can do joint promotions and book signings. Even better would be to publish one of those multi-volume ebooks. You really can't think of the money when it comes to doing something like that...well, let me say the money should be secondary. If you get in with the right group, and you hit one of the major bestseller lists -- USA Today, NY Times, Kindle 100, etc., the exposure alone is worth the effort. Even more important than that, you could use "USA Today Bestselling Author" in marketing for your own books. Granted, the term bestselling author has been overused and misused so much that the impact of that term is negligible. But being able to use one of the major lists on your book cover -- still holds weight, gains you exposure, possible access to press coverage, etc. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. 

I hope to team up with other authors once I get my own shit together. 

Speaking of which...

The Rebranding of J.J. McCall  

My cover designer is still working hard on the design for book two. It's funny because as I look through the lists of thriller, suspense, and mystery bestsellers, and I compare my new cover designs to my old ones, I can't help but question...What was I thinking with the titles?  I think even my old covers could've worked but the titles were destined to fail. It's okay. You live and you learn. But there is a price to be paid for going too far against the grain...I've now learned. 
The "FUN" in my process this week stems from the fact that I uploaded my new books, covers, changed the titles...and leave it to Amazon to screw up the covers. The new title and interior is showing but if you search the book, it still shows the OLD book cover...unless you "Look Inside" where it shows the new. I don't know how many days it takes to process the new cover but needless to say, I'm checking every 5 minutes...as if that really helps. A few people have bought the books since this has happened and I'm just glad they were willing to take a chance on it. Thank you to whomever you are!!! We are now on day two without the new covers...I will let you know when they are finally up. This is truly a lessons learned. I started to wait and post all three books together but given the length of time it is taking the files to post correctly, I'm SO glad that I decided to post them one at a time. Hopefully, by the time I speak at my conference next month, all books will be uploaded properly, I'll have a new stock of print books to sell, and I'll have new swag -- bookmarks and other material. 

I think I'm going to create book bags for people who buy all three books (or however many are available). The bookbags will have the covers and some JJ marketing on them. One of my author-friends does that because she really has her stuff together. It's cool because when she gives the book away at events, the bags serve as marketing with everyone carrying her bag around. And she always sells tons of books. I'm going to host her on the blog soon. She writes an incredible sci-fi series. 

That's all I have today!! If you haven't checked out The Bigot List yet. Please do. 

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