Wednesday, August 19, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 67 -- My Kindle Unlimited far...

Since I'm tired from a ROUGH week in which I've worked myself to the bone so I didn't feel like doing a lot of research today. Given that Amazon announced the payment for this month ($11 million for 1.9 billion pages read), I decided to share my experience with Kindle Unlimited so far. 

For background purposes, I've published 8 books so far. The rights for one book is still with a major publisher. I own the rights to 7 books, all of which are listed on Amazon. Until a few days ago, only 3 (maybe 4) were actually listed in the KDP Select program. 

With the exception of my young adult books, all of my books are over 300 pages, the spy thrillers between 300-350 pages. 

I'm calculating my earnings based on the .006 cents per page, which I'm hoping is the minimum. 

Here's what I'm finding: 

1. I believe, but cannot confirm, that the Kindle Normalized Page Count is actually HIGHER than the actual page count of my books. The volume of pages read for my two most popular books suggests that either a lot more people than I can fathom are reading my books or the count is higher...I think it's the latter. 

2. I like being able to see how fast people read my books. The quick increases in page counts definitely suggest I've written some page turners...and I think this is ideal for this new program. 

3. Because of 1 & 2 I'm going to make a lot more money this month from my Kindle Unlimited reads than I've ever made in the past in this program. A LOT more. Not millions, but more than the pennies I was getting before. :)  It's also not as much as the purchases but at least 10X more than what I was earning in previous months. That's because under the old system I was earning around 1.30 per book read; now, because of the number of pages read (because they are page turners), I now earn between $3 and $6 per book ready (I do have one 3-book set). 

4. My promotions -- free promotions -- have less of an impact on sales and a much greater impact on KU borrows and pages read. It used to be that your free promotion would increase your sales and give them a bump, even if temporary. I have realized a very small boost in actual sales, but the pages read in KU have gone up EXPONENTIALLY. I mean a 5-figure increase for ONE book. That, I believe, has increased borrows for other books  because when you finish my books (I advertise other books at the end of my books). Even further than that, sales of the book still with my publisher have significantly increased (partly because of their price drop to $1.99 after 2-3 years at $9.99 or higher). But also because when people read the first book, they read the follow-up. 

So, as you can see, I'm having a positive experience with Kindle Unlimited, despite hearing a lot of my author friends quit the program and yank their books. 

The winning formula (potentially)? 300-page, page turners seems to be the winning formula for profiting in KU. 

Anybody have any stories to the contrary? I'd love to hear. 

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