Wednesday, August 5, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365 Day Blog-athon Day 53 -- What's New Wednesday

What's new?

Unfortunately, not much today! I have been suffering with a migraine all day long. Between bouts of couch potato, I've been attempting to get a little work done now that the new covers are getting finished...including a new temporary header for my blog until the remaining covers are completed and some new back cover copy for the paperback version and the bookseller marketing sites.

Since I'm back in the office tomorrow and need more rest than I thought I did, I'm going to leave you with some words of inspiration. People always ask me how I can work a full time job, be a single mom and get so much writing done. The road map to my productivity is below. 

 Until tomorrow! Hopefully, I'll have some sage words on craft.


Author Friend and Thriller Writer Matt Coyle is stopping by for a Fiction Friday interview! 

Don't miss it. 

  If you'd like to check out my back cover copy. It's below.

The Mole Hunt Begins with The Bigot List...

 When turncoats betray America’s Human Intelligence Assets, there is no greater failure than the loss of life—and no one knows this better than lie-detecting FBI Special Agent J.J. McCall. She’s lost two of her most critical sources and will lose another if she doesn’t catch him. 

Codename: ICE Phantom.

The long-rumored mole is more insidious than Hanssen and Ames combined. After a decade of fruitless investigations, the Intelligence Community fears its chasing ghosts—but J.J. and her co-case agent Tony suspect the ghost is real. And his body count is going up. 

Drawn into an unsanctioned mole hunt, J.J. and Tony have a week to catch the Ice Phantom, save a key source’s life – and their own. 

“A mystery thriller from S.D. Skye … hard to put down for lovers of spy fiction, highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Review

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