Monday, August 24, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 72 -- Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday -- An Indie Author's Story


So this week's author hails from across the pond. He worked as a lawyer and in the London film industry until the writing bug hit...and even after it hit. 
During his 4-hour commutes to and from London, he pulled out his laptop and wrote his little heart out. He had some initial success, getting picked up by a traditional publisher. Even with GREAT reviews, his book failed to take off. He, like another author you might be familiar with (me), used to go into book stores and reshelve his books so they would get more visibility.  

I can so relate. 

He, like most of the mid-listers that never breakthrough, attributes his lack of success to the failure of his publisher to give his book adequate promotion. And it left a sour taste in  his mouth. 

So he quit writing for while. 

But, what he failed to realize that even though you may quit writing, writing never quits you. It doesn't it's like a ghost silently haunting you when you're not doing it. 

Well, eventually his ghost got the best of him and he wrote again. A different series this time. And rather than go for traditional publishing, he decided Kindle would be a better fit. 

And it...he was wrong. It wasn't. 

Sales were still flat as a least until -- the free promotion. He busy going on with life when he decided to check his free book stats. He'd given away 50,000 books in one weekend. It changed the course of his career. 

He decided to write a NEW series, which has since sold 300,000 copies. 

The series is the John Milton series

And the author is Mark Dawson. 

Now, Amazon pays him *cough* $450,000 a year. *cough cough* 

My takeaways from his story...

1. I really need to get on the stick with my writing routine. I've got a lot going on but I can make more time in my day to get my books done. 
2. Free promotions won't necessarily work for everyone, but it will work for the right book, even in today's over-saturated market. Just need the right book at the right time. 
3. Get this--Facebook ads work for him! Actually, my recent experience with one of my books was pretty darn successful, too. I probably need to use that more.  

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