Wednesday, August 26, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 74 -- What's New Wednesday -- Write or Die

What's New Wednesday -- Write or Die

A lot of writers out there may know about this tool already. This one is for those who don't.

For those of us trying to get in word count every day, The. Struggle. Is. Real!

I'm finally back to writing and, in general, my creativity is affected by my method of writing. Sometimes, I can write straight on the laptop. Other times, the words get stuck in my brain when I'm trying to type, but when I use my gel pen and Moleskine notebook, the words flow like water.

Right now, I'm in a notebook and gel pen mode. The words are flowing. But I will have to eventually type these suckers up. At some point, I will start using my Livescribe for the purpose in which it was intended, which is to prevent me from having to type up my notes, but for now the un-fancy notebook will do.

With that said, when I'm in laptop mode, I really go ADHD with the focusing. So, one program that really helps you keep your focus and not diddle around all day is called Write or Die.

What is it?

For the low low price of $20 dollars, you can buy a program that will force you to write--or will seriously piss you off if you don't.

The way it works is, you set the word count you want to reach (for me its generally 1500-2000 words a day--basically a scene). You set the time limit (30 minutes to an hour for me).

Then it presents a screen in which you start to type.

And if you stop typing for a set length of time (depending on how aggressively you set the program), it will start DELETING the words you've typed. Yes--DELETE.

Can you imagine struggling to get out a sentence and then watching the words disappear because you paused to long after you choked it out?

That's write or die.

Let's be clear about this -- Write or Die is not for those writers who toil over every word they the FIRST draft (although one could argue it should be), rather write or die is for those authors that understand the first draft is just a data dump and that getting your thoughts out of your head and on paper for editing later is really the most important part of writing a FIRST draft.

And now they have a Mac version. I used to have the Windows version.

It wasn't as fancy as this.

So, if you game, give it a try. I wrote my first YA novel in 3 weeks using this tool. It works...BOY does it work!

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