Sunday, August 9, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water Blog-athon Day 56 -- Hot Links Saturday

So I know what you're thinking...I missed a day. Technically, I haven't missed a day until 5:42pm and this post will get me in under the wire. :) 

Hot Links in Publishing This Week...

Gender Bias in Publishing -- Women Writers Should Be Ticked!

A woman who had problems getting a literary agent to rep her manuscript, tried a little experiment and submitted it under a man's name. You'll never guess what happened...

More on Gender Bias -- Stop Pretending the Publishing Industry is Fair

Another interesting article on gender and other biases--an offshoot of the above article. Actually, parts of it are very funny in an ironic way. This is a worthy read. 

The Publishing Industry is Changing -- Who will benefit the most? 

This is an interesting article on the publishing industry and how the Big 5 are continuing to struggle while Amazon grows. They have an interesting perspective on what will happen to indie authors if the Big 5 lowers their prices. Definitely worth a read to keep up with the business side of publishing. 

Writing and Publishing a Novel in 589 Easy Steps 

If you're new to publishing or an aspiring author, this is a great article from a fellow neophyte. Entertaining and true. 

Self-Publishing versus Traditional Publishing -- The war explained through the shift in journalism

 Another interesting article on how Traditional Publishers have framed the self published authors' and the ebook's role in their "demise" (obviously they aren't going anywhere--they just need to adjust). 


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