Friday, September 11, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 90 -- More on Bublish

So, yesterday morning, I purchased my Bublish membership, set up my account and entered my first three books.

How'd it go? 

Not bad. It was a fairly easy process. After signing up and paying your $99 dollars (or it's FREE if  you only have one book), you fill in a series of screens with your author and book information, then you create your Bubbles and share.

Adding your book...

This, I suspect will be the toughest part for most authors, adding your entire manuscript to this site and not knowing whether it's safe or not. Given that other authors more prominent than I am are using it, I decided to let that fear go and give it a whirl.

To enter a book, you have to upload an ePub version of your book or you can use their editing tool to cut and paste your book in and create your ePub from within the program. I was nervous about that because of the formatting, so I just decided to use my new JUTOH program to create my ePub and it worked perfectly. It actually takes the cover that is part of your ePub version and it uses that to create your bubble, so you don't have to add covers separately. Once the book is uploaded, it lets you select as many excerpts as you want and write your "author insights."

Here's what my The Shadow Syndicate bubble looks like.

In addition to your book information, you create an author profile with your bio. For those who don't have websites, it's a pretty nice landing page to use for social networking. Reminds me a little of the author central page on Amazon except in no other platform that I know of do they allow you to add author insights or that personal experience. I even added my picture in there. How about that?

Will it sell more books? I don't know but we shall see!

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