Thursday, September 17, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 95 -- What's New Wednesday

What's New Wednesday - Not Your Mother's Keyboard

The Gadget Queen strikes again. 

I just ordered a new keyboard and I thought it important to share because I'm cool like that. 

While I love my MacBook and use it faithfully (like right now), since my 9-to-5 hasn't been moved to Apple so I'm stuck with the PC and Windows. And I HATE my old keyboard. 

I've bought a lot of them. The ergonomic ones. The standard ones. The Mac one. I've tried everything. I think I miss the tap of the keyboard. I really like that sound. Makes me feel like I'm writing know, like if someone passed by my home office, they would say "holy cow she's working!!" 

So, I was shopping for a writer's keyboard and I found a gamer's one for writers. You gotta check this out -- Steelseries 7G. 

"The 7G is actually a gaming keyboard, but it’s a worthy upgrade for writers. It’s a heavy, rock-solid keyboard high on technology and made with quality in mind. Its design is clean and has a minimal appeal to it, coupled with that design are features like USB and audio ports, gold plated switches and connectors, multimedia controls and an unrivaled lifecycle of 50 million keystrokes.
But here’s the real kicker for writers – the keys are made of mechanical switches and not membranes, what does it mean? Increased tactile response (you feel you’re typing on an advanced typewriter) and response time. Writing is an even greater pleasure when you have the 7G by your side." From iYogiBlog
Now listen...

I needed a cigarette after I heard this video. Don't judge me!  

No, really, I love the sound of it. So, I'm going to see if I like it. And since I spend SO MANY hours typing for work and typing for my other work, I feel like it's worth the $134.95 investment (on Amazon). I'll let you know how it goes. 

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