Saturday, September 19, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 97 -- The Great JJ Book Giveaway


Can't believe I've been at this blog for over three months straight. I had doubts I'd make it to Day 100.
I did a blog talk radio interview the other day and I was telling the host that when I started this self-inflicted challenge, my goal was really just to get out of my own head and try to make social networking a habit...they way I've done novel writing. I wanted NOT writing a blog to feel opposed to the opposite. My blog audience averaged about 1,000 visit a month, mostly from tweeting old blogs. Three months later I'm up to 10,000 visits a month, tweeting new blogs every week. Not only that but it helps me to keep up with things happening in the industry, with new tools, and keep myself and others inspired (hopefully).

With my busy busy busy days--writing a romance, preparing to give a master class on writing realistic novels involving intelligence and law enforcement, and ensuring I have my marketing and swag together (see my new banner?)--next week I will probably be posting a best of, reposting the mostly highly visited blogs on my site.


Get the first 3 books now. Get ADVANCED copies of the last two when they are completed--before (almost) anybody else!!

But because you're enduring that I'm going to give my faithful visitors, which hopefully include J.J. McCall lovers, a chance to win not only the three newly rebranded books below. BUT -- All FIVE J.J. McCall Books. They will get the first three books right away and they will get the very first Galleys of the next two books as they are completed. So they lucky winner will find out how the series continues and ends before anybody else in the world! (Except my Beta readers.)

The Rules.

To enter, leave a comment on blog days 100 to 107. You can leave one comment per day. Your name will go in the hat once for each day you leave a comment. So if you visit each day, it will increase your chances but you only need to leave one to enter. And my Junior will pick the name out of a hat--when the winner is announced they will email me and provide a mailing address. Very scientific.

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