Wednesday, September 9, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 88 -- Bublish

Ad Talk Tuesday 

Whew! I'm cutting it close to my 5:24 deadline to make my blog-a-day record. I've had a busy few days but it's going to be slowing down a bit so that I can get back to writing. 

So, let me get down to some marketing talk. 

Yesterday, I discovered a new marketing tool for writers. 

It's called Bublish. 

Just what indie authors need, right? Yet another marketing tool on which to blow our limited budgets, purchasing yet another tool that doesn't give us any REAL way to access NEW READERS. It builds our hope up gives us ways to make our book marketing look "pwetty" without growing our audience. 

That's what my attitude is every time I see that next big thing. 

I don't know if that's what Bublish is YET but I'll say this much -- it look darn cool. 

Bublish reminds me A LOT of BookBuzzr, which I highlighted during an earlier post--at least in terms of the purpose of the tool and some of the features. But, IMHO, they layout is much nicer than Book Buzzr and its more author and reader friendly. Also it has some really unique features that--if you do get readers to engage with the tool--would probably help you sell more books. 

So what is Bublish? 

This is a snapshot. 

It's a tool that allows you to WRITE your book in ePub format--only takes ePub format. Or you upload your book (the whole thing from what I see--but you only share pieces). Before you get your panties/boxers in a wad, they say it's as safe as the Amazon cloud (my guess is it's probably on the Amazon cloud--they do commercial sales).

It then takes that ePUB file and allows you to PROMOTE your book with excerpts from ANYWHERE in your book. Not just your regular excerpts but you can include notations called "Author Insights" that give your reader the inside story to your novels--anything you want to share about your writing process, why the excerpt is special, the inside scoop on characters or how you developed them, or anything you might share with a reader if you were actually giving a reading in person. 

It helps you personalize the reading experience for them so that they want to take the next step...which is BUY! Bublish lets you provide links to all of your sales outlets so that readers can easily click and buy if you got their attention. 

Last but not least Bublish allows you to SHARE your bubbles (excerpts + Author Insights) on social networks and if you meet certain conditions, of which I'm not clear on, they will help with your promotion on Facebook/Twitter.

They also allow you to create an author Profile which clearly lists all of your bubbles, bios, book covers, etc. This also helps with your discoverability--which they say is enhanced using the special bubble metadata.

You can upload one book and bubble for FREE. You can upload unlimited bubbles and books for $99. Obviously the paid membership gives you access to more features--including the ability to write your book inside the program as well as to take book marketing classes (I presume to teach you how to get the most out of bublish

If you're an author and you write under multiple names, you will have to purchase separate accounts for each name, but they will give you a discount on any additional accounts--I got that straight from customer service (they didn't say how much of a discount but they say other authors have taken them up on the offer). 

So that's Bublish. When I take a break from writing later today, I'm going to give it a shot with the J.J. McCall Series. I may do a Part II (later or early tomorrow) on my uploading and set up experience tomorrow and I'll keep you updated as to whether it has any impact on my sales whatsoever. You know I'll keep it real. :)  As an added incentive, I'm even going to post an excerpt from Joint Deception Book 4 which can't be found ANYWHERE else. So keep an eye out for my bubbles if you want to know what's happening next! 

Until tomorrow. 


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