Monday, October 26, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 134 -- Hot Links Saturday

Hot Links Saturday -- This Week's Top 5 Publishing Links 

How an industry of ‘Amazon entrepreneurs’ pulled off theInternet’s craftiest catfishing scheme

This is such an interesting article that talks about yet another way people have been using Amazon to make money at the expense of amazon customers. Take a read of this Washington Post article.  

Amazon's attack of fake reviews is as brilliant as it is necessary

So, the news of Amazon lowering the boom on fake reviewers has lit up the Web this week. I've never used them but they used to hound me like crazy (the ones not associated with Fiverr). The Fiverr ones are the target of their latest clean-up efforts. Very interesting article. Worth a read. 

What Can Publishers Do to Diversify 

A new survey, not surprisingly, found that publishing industry professions are younger and overwhelmingly white--89%. How can the industry diversify? Publisher's weekly is asking the question and offering the general public the chance to provide answers. Get your thoughts in!! 

Why Traditionally Published Authors Are Choosing to Go Indie

Control, freedom to write what you want, higher royalties and earnings (if you have a built-in audience)? Those are my guesses... Makes for a very interesting read, though. Check it out. 

How to Self-Published Books into Stores and Libraries 

Tips from Publisher's Weekly....

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