Thursday, October 8, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 117 -- What's New Wednesday

What's New Wednesday -- A New Writing Tool

So, I came across an article on writing tools for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I found out about this new tool because I love hearing about new tools. 

This one is called Storyist.

If it looks familiar, it should. It's a WHOLE lot like SCRIVENER which is my personal favorite. What made me give this one a second look is the outlining tool and the character tracking tool. 

The outline looks more like the standard outline we've become accustomed to using in school and work. And the character tool looks really neat because it show's pictures. Scrivener may do that as well but I don't think the interface looks the same on that feature. 

Also, I have Final Draft and their Screenwriting tool looks as if it operates a lot like Final Draft, providing automated formatting and prompts. Another feature which may be on Scrivener but I've never used it. The storyboarding feature using notecards is what keeps me using Scrivener. I find it easier to think about my plots that way for some reason. 

Anyway, if you're looking for a Scrivener-esque tool and you're not down with Scrivener then check out Storyist. It's available on Mac for the low low price of $59! 

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