Wednesday, November 11, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon--Day 152 -- Das Keyboard

What's New Wednesday -- Das Keyboard 

So, you guys are probably already aware that I have a bit of a thing with techie toys. Well, it's more of a little habit...or, perhaps, a bank account draining addiction. One of those more than the others...probably the latter. 

Anyway, for a while now, I have been longing for a new keyboard. The one I have causes significant finger strain and is just a pain in the butt to type on. The keys get stuck. It's probably only a year old but it was time to go. 

At first, I went shopping for just the Hyundai of keyboards. Something reasonably price and function. I ended up with a BMW...6-series. I blame a lot of things on the decision, but never myself. 

I actually did a lot of research and found out that mechanical cherry MX blue/brown-switch keyboards were the best for writers and gamers. The reason why is that they are highly reactive to the touch. Unlike those spongy keyboards that only react when you press the thing down, the keys on mechanical keyboards are light under your fingers and very durable. 

Well, I watched a few YouTube videos, read more reviews than the law should allow and eventually picked my selection. 
My previous keyboard was a Logitech something or other. If you buy them, for goodness sake don't buy this one. It's horrible. I think I paid $30. You get what you pay for. Guess it doesn't look too bad but the keys were spongy and kept getting stuck...especially the space bar. It slid around the desk constantly. I'd pull it toward me and fifteen minutes later I'd be repeating the same motion. Just kind of a pain in the but to  type on. I really didn't need a bunch of fancy features, just a good typing experience since I spend so many hours a day typing--both for writing fiction and my day job, writing proposals.

Das Keyboard

My new selection is the Das Keyboard. German engineered (like the BMW), it's one of the best keyboards I've ever typed on. It doesn't cause finger strain. It's pweeeeeety...and a little sleek. Best of all, when you type you get that clicky sound that makes it sound like you're actually really busy and writing genius material. Not too far off from typing on an actual typewriter. Actually, it more like typing on one of those old clunky keyboards on the original apples and IBMs. You probably notice that it has no lettering on it. That was an accident. I ordered the Ultimate model (for writing and gaming bad asses who don't need no stinking lettering) instead of the Professional model (for the writing wimps) and was too lazy to box it back up and ship it back. So, I paid six bucks for lettering to stick on it...but I'm astonished by how well I actually know the keyboard. I may not use the lettering. And without the lettering I don't look down which means I type a lot of faster.

Another thing I love about this keyboard is that it is hefty. Weighs about 3 pounds so when you sit it on the desk, it doesn't move. With my old keyboard, I would start writing in on place and by the time I was done, the thing would be scooted half way across the desk without me even realizing that it moved. This sucker isn't going anywhere.

How much did it cost, you ask? Yeah, it wasn't cheap, but from what I understand, they last for a REALLY LONG time and so you will get more than your investment back in a few years. I've spent probably $200 on keyboards over the past two years. So, spending $130 (Amazon) on one keyboard that would last three times as long suits me just fine. They have a newer model for $169 but I wasn't willing to pay the extra bucks. I guess somewhere in my mind, I do have my limits.

So far, I'm loving it. I'll let you know how long that love lasts. 

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