Saturday, November 7, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365 Day Blogathon Day 144 -- Lazy Writer's Guide to Pinterest

Book Marketing with Pinterest 

I have to admit, with my writing schedule I really don't have much time to explore the broad range of ways that authors are leveraging social networking to market their books -- hopefully, in non-intrusive, non-annoying ways.

This book--Lazy Writer's Guide to Pinterest--seemed right up my alley. Check it out.  For 99cents? It's worth the risk.

Want to sell more books, make more money, and rule the world (in a nice and ethical way) with "The Lazy Writer's Guide to Pinterest." (Vol. 1 of the "Book Marketing That Doesn't Suck" Series.)

In this essential book marketing guide for authors, writers, and creative writing misfits the world over we'll cover things like:

"Chapter One: How to Sell a Crapload of Books on Pinterest" - Here we go over the core mechanics of how to make money selling books on Pinterest. (Easier than you think - and far more effective than other social platforms.)

"Chapter Two: How to Create a Kick-Ass Pinterest Marketing Plan (in 10 Minutes or Less)" - This is where we go over your plan for total author domination (and figure out how to do it in just minutes a day.)

"Chapter Three: Building Your Pinterest Empire of Awesomeness" - In this chapter we cover the basics of creating an optimized and thoroughly kick-ass Pinterest footprint (and we'll also go over the biggest mistakes authors make with their Pinterest profile, and how to avoid them.)

Chapter Four: How to Create Pinboards (for Maximum Profit) - This is when we go over the most important element of your Pinterest marketing campaign - the pinboard. (And we'll lay out a way for you to steal...errr...borrow pinboard ideas from bestselling authors.

"Chapter Five: Building a Tribe of Obsessed, Irrational and Book-Buying Fans" - Because who doesn't an obsessed cult-like following of would-be readers?

"Chapter Six: So, What the #*#&$ Do I Pin About?" - Here we go over the ins and outs of creating pins that boost your profile (and most importantly help you sell more books)

"Chapter Seven: 4 Keys to Pin Publishing Mastery" - So you've created the pin? Now it's time to schedule it and publish it for maximum marketing awesomeness. (I'll also show you a dead-easy tool to put your publishing on auto-pilot.

"Chapter Eight: Super Advanced Ninja Pinterest Tricks That'll (Really) Make You Money)" - This is the really advanced stuff! These are the super-ninja strategies that grow your Pinterest-based royalties exponetially. (Which I believe means 'super big time!')

So if you'd like to boost your book royalties by 237% then check out the Lazy Writer's Guide to Pinterest!"

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