Sunday, November 22, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 158 -- Ad Talk Tuesday

Ad Tuesday Tuesday -- Guerrilla Marketing Techniques #1

The writing comes first. 

I'm way behind in my blogging  this week because I've been editing like crazy. I had two major deadlines coming up REALLY SOON--I'm editing a manuscript for another author and wrapping up edits on my own before mine goes off to the editor this week. I'm trying to minimize her pain and labor hours. So, the blogs I'm catching up on for this week will be short and sweet. 

One thing I was curious about was guerrilla marketing techniques or the more extreme techniques people use--beyond social networking and book signings--and what authors are doing these days. I remember, for my first book, the one I self published before it got picked up by Simon & Schuster, I spent hours and hours in Barnes & Noble putting my bookmarks and postcards into books of the similar genre as mine in bookstores all over the DC metro area. I must've gone to about 10-15 book stores and left hundreds of bookmarks. I was also get B&N to place my book on the shelves as an indie book--so, in those stores, I'd reshelve my books, placing them face out up front or on the tables close to the entryway in hopes that they would catch some attention. 

Did it help sell my books? 

Who the heck knows? I would say probably few if any. It was chick lit which was a tough sell in those days if you weren't established. 

So I wondered what authors are doing for "guerrilla marketing" techniques six years later since the market has changed so much. 

This article is one I thought was pretty interesting--placing a book that's not in stock at a store and seeing if people actually try to buy it. This is an old one, but check it out. 

I Planted My Self-Published Book on Barnes & Noble's Shelves... And People Bought It


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