Sunday, November 15, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 156 -- Anything Sunday

Anything Sunday -- More Outlining, Rewriting 

It's been a good writing week. I got feedback from my beta readers on my Valentine's Day romance and it was all good...even from the beta reader who would rather pluck her eyes out than read a shmoopy romance. She loves the J.J. McCall novels. So the fact that she could stomach the sweet romance really speaks volumes. 

I'm really excited about that project but not nearly as excited as I am about wrapping up these last two J.J. McCall Novels. I've spent my weekend outlining the last two books of the J.J. series. I got the main plot for one book done and about one quarter of the second book. I'm trying to ensure these are weaved together well and that all the necessary loose ends are tied up. 

What I found out today is just like I need a little break between writing books to kind of reset my brain to zero so I can think clearly about the plot for the next book, so I must do the same when outlining. My brain literally refused to create any more plot after a certain point. I forced out a quarter of the outline which will probably get rewritten once I get my brain back together. It fell apart a bit. 

I also rewrote the first chapter of the book. I've got several drafted but actually did some editing just so I could get back into the story and finish the outlines. Normally, I wouldn't edit until the entire book was finished. The rewrites are SO MUCH better than the first draft I wrote months ago. Dare I say my writing is maturing...AND a little space and time really does improve the quality of your rewrites. 

I'll start posting previews soon. Hopefully, it will whet your whistles for the next and final installments of the series. 

Have you seen Snoopy yet? I'm hoping to check it out this week. 

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