Thursday, December 10, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 181 -- New Website!

 Craft Talk Thursday -- New Website

I love you guys to death, but I'm keeping it short today because I'm tired as tired can be!

I've gone through gone through what would take most people a week to do in two days because...well, I have absolutely no idea. You ever feel like you were preparing for something but you didn't know why or what it was? Well, that's what I felt like. Something just told me to get this stuff updated. I think it's mostly because I have a vacation coming up in another week and a half and I wanted all of this marketing stuff off my brain so that I could really sit down and write during my 10 days home. I'm trying to knock out at least one of these novellas so that next year can be the year of J.J.

So in two days time I've done the following:

  • Learned to set up a wordpress site using the premium templates, created the website graphics, setup the design and book covers, and set up a page to capture newsletter subscribers. 
    • Whyy? Because I realized this site was better meant to be just a blog. I kept trying to make it into a website and it just wasn't working. So, I've removed a lot of clutter and I will use this for blogging. 
  • Learned how to use ContactUS and MailChimp to set up contact/newsletter forms, autoresponders, etc. 
  • Learned how to set up Facebook Ads to draw people to my website (if you're on Facebook and see the ad be sure to click it. 
I'm thinking about giving a seminar to pay this experience forward. As behind as I think I am, there are so many authors who need to learn this stuff. When I think about what I didn't know at the beginning of my career, I cringe. Having all of this knowledge back then would've put me so much further ahead.

But you don't know until you know....

Later, gators! I'm going to bed. I'll be back tomorrow with a Friday Funny...and it's funny.

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