Sunday, December 27, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon - Day 186 -- Ad Talk Tuesday

Playing catch up over the next few days now that the holidays are over, I'm on a break from work, AND I actually have started my 10th book so I don't feel guilty for blogging with no word count.

Today, I want to talk to you again about...

Box Sets 

If you ever get the opportunity, participate in one.

Not for the money, but it's more about the opportunity it offers to expose a larger audience to your work and possibly hit one of the bestseller lists (rare but it does happen).

I am part of a box set with 14 other authors, some bestselling authors, that will be released for Valentine's day. By leveraging economies of scale, of sorts, engaging 14 people in the marketing effort for one book, sharing ideas and advertising tactics, we are really able to accomplish much more together than we could on our own. I've been so excited about the process that I've signed up for a second. I'm lucky enough to be in a group in which everyone is participating to different degrees. But  I have to tell you, I really love this concept, not only for the opportunity to get greater exposure to a wider audience, but I'm really getting to see the business side and how bestselling authors become successful.

Here's a few lessons learned from the bestselling authors that you might apply to your own work.

1. Indie Writes (

I've never used them before but this service formats your books and posts them on all sites. If you're working on a collaborative indie effort with another author, they will also take care of splitting up the royalties and making payments. They work with a lot of indie authors (best selling ones at that). If you need to find a company to do your back office work, they are a good place to go.

2. Facebook Advertising

Authors are using Facebook advertising more than I ever really knew and it can be very successful. You really have to budget for these activities and plan or it can be a money drain. But if you tests different ads and find a formula that works, it can be very successful. You can use it to do everything from building your newsletter list to actually selling books. Author Mark Dawson offers great advice on how to do this. Check out his website and take heed.

3. Outside Advertising

More authors use sites like Kindle Nation Daily, Bookbub, etc., than I ever knew. It is a regular part of the marketing plan for many successful authors but, as always, you've got to kick out the cash. Being a bestselling author costs money. That is the lesson I've learned from this experience. It's starts with a great product, obviously. But it ends with an excellent marketing plan and having the cash to put behind it.

4. Blog tours and book blasts

There are so many blog tour companies out there. Many of them are SUPER inexpensive. With some of the cheaper services you run the risk of not having reliable sites but, for the price, it's crazy not to use them. I will offer a list of sites at some point in the future when I can pull all the information together.

5. Newsletters and Street Teams

Most of the bestselling authors have huge newsletter lists and street teams, a group of devoted readers who will provide early reviews of your books. Those early reviews (which you hope are good ones) will lead to better visibility in Amazon and other sites, as well as, bigger sales numbers. This is so critical. I knew these things were necessary...but I'd never really seen this machine in action as I have on this box set.

So, as you go about designing marketing plans for your books, these are things to keep in mind if you want to reach that bestseller status.

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