Monday, December 7, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 177 -- Fighting Writer's Resistance

Boy am I deep in it.

Writer's resistance.

I want to start my next book, but feel mentally as if I CAN'T start. Mind you, this is NOT an unwillingness to start, rather it is a resistance to starting.

It's not a lack of ideas. I have a multitude of those. It's not desire. I really want to finish my next book. It is sitting at the keyboard or picking up a pen and having my rain almost fight against me getting words on the page. Part of my brain says "No!" when everything else inside me says "Yes! Yes! Yes!"


Part of me knows this is part of my "process" after finishing a book; my novella is barely cold. But it's been a week. And I really need to start my next book. I'm on a timeline. I'm not one of those writers who fears criticism--I'm SO past that it's not even funny.  Criticism won't stop me from writing my next book. After 9 books--which isn't 30 books, but it's 9 books--I kinda of get the feeling that I can do this thing--I can write and publish a book. No worries there.

I think my paralysis stems from the fact that I have a ton of great ideas and obligations and I want to write everything at once. I want to satisfy the audiences for both of the authors that I put into the world and can't do that at once. So, instead, I do nothing. Which is worse than doing the wrong thing because there's no progress.

You get where I'm going here? No progress is worse than the progress that you "think" is taking you in the wrong direction. I just had this epiphany so be sure to soak up my genius.

So what do you do when you're fighting your own brain to do what you want it to do? If you're like me, you wake up in the middle of the night and write blogs about "writer's resistance." Or you find a few articles about the issue and read them--other people have had the same problem. They understand.

How to Overcome Writer's Resistance in 15 Minutes 

Bane of Your Resistance: Around the Writer's Block

Writability: Why Writing Through Resistance is Essential

The last article had me at the title. The only true way to get past resistance is to write through it. How you do that is up to you. For me, I remembered a piece of advice from Anne Rice -- excite yourself. If you're not excited about writing a book, who's going to be excited about reading it? Think of a way to write the story or recast the story in a way that you bring yourself excitement and you won't have any trouble keeping yourself at the keyboard. 

I just had a great idea. 

Off to write! (After my next blog)

What are you still doing here? Scoot!

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