Tuesday, December 8, 2015

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 179 -- Biz Talk Tuesday -- Newsletter

Biz Talk Tuesday -- Newsletters

It was my intent when I started this blogathon to really use Tuesday to talk about marketing, new tools, etc. But I'm realizing that I really need to expand the topic because tools aren't coming out as fast as I'm writing blogs. So, I've decided to make Tuesdays, Biz Talk Tuesday. 

Now that we've established that this is no longer marketing day...

Let's talk marketing! 

I don't know about you, but every time I finish a heavy effort on a book, it takes my brain a while to readjust so I can write again. When I can't write without a major struggle, I focus on reading and marketing until being away from the keyboard angers me...and then I'll be able to write through an entire book. Usually only lasts a week or so, but it's my process, so I'm just going to rock with it. 

Anyway, so I'm on a quest to learn how to market better, especially because the leaders in this romance box set I'm in seem to have it down to a science. 

Newsletters and Mailing Lists

I've come to see the importance of developing mailing lists, not so you can spam people with 1,000 ads of your books each week -- that's NO-NO. Rather, so that you have a group of interested readers that you can ask to be your early reviewers when you have a new book coming out, people who you hope will champion your work so you hit those coveted Amazon algorithms that get you more visibility and help you sell more books. For me, it's also a way to do giveaways and contests. Even as we speak, I'm going to start giving away my paperback stock of J.J. books because I'm not going to be touring next year with all the writing I have to do. The first people to get a shot at those books will come from my mailing lists.

A Change in M.O.

Anyway,  you will see a little more newsletter signage around the blog. A blue tab on the left. Also, I'm giving away a free chapter part of it is from an earlier version of the first book (The Seven Year Itch) that got edited out. But another part of the story has never been seen or read before and talks about J.J.'s childhood, college years, and how she dealt with her "gift." 

I used it as an incentive to sign up on my newsletter list.

Also, from this point forward, all news about the J.J. McCall series--release dates for the upcoming series, giveaways, FREE book, advanced copies--will go to the newsletter FIRST, blog last (probably several weeks apart--there has to be something in it for the subscribers, right?)

If I have one piece of advice for writers from everything I've learned this year--start your mailing list early. And readers--don't be afraid. You can always unsubscribe. 

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  1. I enjoyed the post and you know I'm a huge fan of JJ McCall! What advice can yout give for building a mailing list.


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