Wednesday, January 27, 2016

S.D. Skye's Hell or High Water 365-Day Blogathon Day 205 -- Hot Links Saturday

Hot Links Saturday -- Week's Top 5 Publishing Links  

Between the 9-to-5 kicking my butt this week and an awful cough I've been mentally out of it. Just coming back to myself. I'll start posting regularly later this week or at least early next week. Thanks for your patience.

Thinking of Publishing a Book, Here are Three Things You Need To Know...

Good advice is always useful to read. These are three pieces we can always stand to be reminded of even if we know -- especially #3. 

From Indie Author to 6- (and 7!) Figure Traditionally Pubbed Book Deal

Write because you love it, but if this happens, enjoy! 

Indie Publishers and Self-Publishing: The Future of Authorship

 Always interesting to see how the market across the pond mirrors ours. 

How Indie Authors Can Use PreOrders to Crack Bestseller Lists

Excellent information, but no information on numbers. 

The  Upstart Pub Behind the Surprise Hit, 'Calendar Girl'

I read this one more for the strategy than the story.


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