Monday, July 11, 2016

S.D. Skye 365 Day Blogathon Post #213 -- The Comeback, Writing Productivity, & Books

It's me again...

Long time no hear from, right?

I've received several emails from readers asking whether the J.J. McCall series is done or if she'll be back. Long story short -- YES -- She'll be back. Starting in late September until I'm finished, I will be finishing up three spy thrillers--One short novel -- The Walk In-- featuring a character called Special Agent Charlie Mack (you might recognize the last name from Situation Critical -- Hopper Mack) who gets caught up in a failed FBI-led double agent operation (also called provocation operation)  targeting the Russians that turns into an agent's worst nightmare.

And then of course -- Joint Deception and Hostile Allegiance. I'm going to write straight through until both are done and publish them back to back. So they are coming and the J.J. McCall series will come to an end...and perhaps a new beginning with the aforementioned character Charlie Mack. More on that in the coming days.

So, what the hell have I been doing for the past few months. Well, at first I was sick...really sick. Suffering from very debilitating migraines and, quite honestly, I could not think. I couldn't look at a computer screen. I couldn't write. I've never been so paralyzed in my writing career.

But I finally found a solution that works -- the NutriBullet. I started drinking NutriBullet shakes every day, twice a day-- spinach, berries, pineapple, mango and some combination of Hemp, Chia, and Flaxseeds...along with a packet of liquid iron...and within a few days the headaches stopped. I've kept up with them and they have not returned. That was about February or March of this year.

So where the heck have I been since then? Well, by then, I'd forgotten all of my good writing habits. I'd been trying my best to get back in the writing groove and just could not find my way back for the life of least not where I needed to be to finish all my commitments. I did finish a romance novella, but I have a lot more books to write. Two romances and three spy thrillers including the J.J. McCall Novels.

Well I have to tell you, I found a Udemy class that helped me recover my MOJO (see ---->).  I highly highly highly recommend this course by Jessica Brody for any author who faces problems with time management. It's like $20 worth of writery magic!! No, seriously. Before I took this course, I was barely squeaking out 1100 words a week. Now I'm writing about 2000 words a day--in about an hour and a half to 2 hours time. Yuuuge difference. Yuuuuge.

Two weeks and still going strong.

The key is you have to be committed to making some adjustments in your lifestyle. Fortunately, my sleeping schedule was already in line with the suggestions I just needed the tools and the kick in the ass. Someone asked me if she just tells you to get off of Twitter...yes, she tells you that...but then there's so so so much more. Just do yourself a favor and take it.

So, I'll be blogging more often -- I will write 365 blogs if it kills me, just not 365 days straight.

And the Friday author features will return starting this Friday so if you want to be featured, please drop me a line and I'll send you the link for the interview.

Glad to be back...more to come soon!!

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